We’ve been in the livestock industry since 1920. That’s four generations, passing down the knowledge and traditions of the meat packing business. It’s a part of our everyday lives and we greatly value the need for quality and safe meat for consumers to put on their tables each night. It’s more than a business, it’s a relationship, and we’ve got a great history.


Cattle livestock will be delivered and unloaded inside the facility during operating hours. There will be no cattle unloading outside of the facility.
We are strong advocates for utilizing processes that offer more humane cattle livestock conditions. All cattle will be processed using The Grandin Method. This method will allow us to improve livestock handling and ensure a safer meat processing environment. This approach makes a big difference in the health of our herd and the safety of your meat.
We hold the highest standards when it comes to cleanliness and our processes. The facility will be pressure-washed and cleaned every 24 hours during periods of cattle harvest, and we will have 4-5 USDA inspectors onsite at all times to ensure the safety and cleanliness of our facility is held to the highest degree.


The facility is currently under construction and the cleaning, prepping and set up process has begun. We have an expected start date of Fall 2023 but will continue to post timely updates on progress to our website.
Our facility will utilize modern, state-of-the-art equipment to process meat safely and effectively. The integration of top-of-the-line technology, equipment and processes will ensure a temperature controlled environment, pressure-washed and cleaned every 24 hours during periods of cattle harvest and the utmost safety for your meat.
The city of Decatur’s water division has confirmed there is more than adequate water resources available to both the facility and the community. Appropriate drainage for operations and ongoing maintenance will be of the highest standards.


We aim to provide customers with the highest quality meat, utilizing state-of-the-art technology and equipment that ensures each piece of meat is the perfect cut. All cattle livestock processed in our facility will be locally sourced and of the highest-grade beef.
As an American Owned Company, we believe there is strength in supporting our local farmers. We utilize the tools and resources we have to partner with our local farmers, bringing you the highest quality, farm fresh meat at the best prices.


Yes. We are currently taking applications for a variety of positions. All positions described would offer competitive wages and benefits to employees. Please apply below.